Tuesday, July 3, 2012

End of Week #2

Well.. End of Week #2 of diet.. I still lost 3 pounds, so that makes it from the end of May to now.. almost 20 pounds!!! :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 1 done...

So my week #1 on the Take Shape for Life diet is done, I have lost 6 pounds this week and 14.5 inches. Plus I am still only drinking water which is good for me!!! :)  So far since the end of May, I have lost a little over 16 pounds!!! :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 1 of the diet!!

So I started my diet this morning... officially weighing at 270.2. I know that is a lot of weight, but considering were I was around Memorial Day, I will take this weight. I was actually 10 pounds heavier!! BOO!! But yesterday, I weighed in I was 272. and this morning I was 270.2 which I will take. I will post my beginning pictures as soon as I get them taken. I have been good following the diet.. and I haven't had any soda either.. which is a huge plus for me!

So far Day #1
Meal 1: Choc. Shake
Meal 2: Mint Bar
Meal 3: PB Bar
Meal 4: Lean and Green: Chicken and Cucumber
Meal 5: ????
Meal 6:?????

Okay, I am heading back to my little world.. I need to finish drinking my water for the day! Thanks guys!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Still looking for box!!

Well... I haven't started my diet yet partly because of my fault and the other USPS.. (we are still looking for my box), but I am down 7 pounds before I start my diet!! I am hoping I can start tomorrow..

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My order has been placed...

So my order has been placed with my health coach Karli and I am super excited to get started with Take Shape for Life! If you are interested in the program, Please contact Karli!! Here is her website: http://healthconfessions.com/ . I am so glad that I have at least one other person going to be doing this journey with me even though she is like 2000 miles away in Idaho! :)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

The start of my journey

I am starting this blog to document my weight loss journey. A little about myself. My name is Erica. I am 34 years old. I am going to be soon a new divorced person which it is a good thing.. I am from the Great state of Alaska. I am the second oldest of 6 kids..and I am college educated. I am currently working on my Masters in Education at this moment which is being documented on my other blog Erica's World! I am a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers, I have actually seen them play in person! It was an amazing experience and I totally would do it again any day! I was diagnosed with PCOS: Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome almost 5 years ago. I was told that I had to lose weight and it has been a struggle. I was on the right track until some events in the last year have happened. In November, I lost my step dad to esphogeal cancer, in February my cousin (24 years old) was diagnosed with lukemia, and I had celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary. A few weeks later, we were starting the process for divorce. A few of my friends have told me that I need to start to do things for myself, so here goes. In a matter of a couple weeks, I plan on starting Take Shape for Life with a good friend of mine who is also doing the program. She is going to be in Idaho while I am in Alaska. The program consists of doing Medifast diet. I am up for the challenge. I need to lose this weight that I am carrying around with me. As soon as I start the diet, I will post my beginning picture and measurements to help document the journey I am starting.